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Das beruht vor Allem auf der Einführung des Dentalmikroskops in die Zahnmedizin. After tooth damage as a result of, for example, decay or trauma, the dental pulp inside the tooth can become inflamed and possibly die.

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This gives bacteria and other microorganisms the opportunity to invade and cause infection of the tooth or of the bone at the root tip. The purpose of root canal treatment is to eliminate this type of infection by disinfecting then filling single zahnarzt lorch sealing the root canal.


This kind of treatment is also performed during revision of an old root canal filling. Possible reasons for this are, for example, residual or imminent chronic infection. In recent years endodontic treatment has changed more than any other discipline within dentistry, because of the implementation of dental microscopes.

At magnification of up to 40 even the smallest structures become visible and, therefore, treatable. Many details of the complex anatomy of the root canal are now visible for the first time.


Root canal treatment needs time, accuracy, and experience. Our team has long experience of working with dental microscopes.

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But no tooth is like another and, on the basis of current knowledge, every tooth has its own prognosis. High-technology equipment has contributed to the success of our treatment. Those who wish to eat, speak, and laugh without care must rely on their teeth. From removable dentures to fixed teeth—who does not wish for that!

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Quality of life is much better if teeth function well. This objective not always feasible by use of conventional dental prosthetics.

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Here, implants are a comfortable alternative. Implants are artificial dental roots, manufactured from the biocompatible material titanium, on which crowns, bridges, and removable dentures can be installed. The greatest medical benefit of implants is the possibility of replacing a single tooth. It is not necessary to damage a tooth just to attach a crown or bridge. It is possible to place an implant after completion of growth.

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From this point on, implants are independent of age or medical diseases. If insufficient bone is present, the dentist can build up the jaw with your own bone or with alternative bone material.

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After implantation, the wound should heal for approximately two to six months before the treatment is completed. In some circumstances implants can be set at the time the tooth is removed and provided with artificial dentition immediately after setting. Because no tooth gap is like any other, we develop an individual strategy for every patient.

You are welcome to contact us for further information and individual consultation.

In dentistry single zahnarzt lorch means the combined appearance of teeth, gums, and lips. For this it can be necessary to combine different specialists, for example single zahnarzt lorch, periodontist, etc. Because our team of specialists has good contact with other experienced dentists of different dental disciplines, this kind of treatment becomes easier for our patients.

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From the perspective of aesthetics and biocompatibility, ceramics are the material of choice.

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