Single rain cloud

A single tree stands under rain cloud.
  1. Это был наиболее сходный с ним человек во всем Диаспаре, но все же некоторые черты личности Шута коробили .
  2. В конце концов Хилвар сумел успокоить его, и во время возвращения на глайдере Криф, казалось, смирился с положением.

This was the legendary mine of human souls. They went like silent flecks of silver ore, a thin vein glinting through the dark. And in the dark, amongst the tree roots twisting in the earth, blood — human blood — flowed thickly and as red as porphyry.

But nothing else was red. They passed beneath huge rocks and by deserted woods, crossed bridges spanning empty chasms, saw the vast expanse of blind, grey lake suspended high above its bed, like rain clouds shadowing a landscape.

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There was a single path: a long, pale, wandering strip laid down across the yielding quiet of the fields. This was the way they took.

First came a slim man in a blue cloak.

Diese Beispiele können umgangssprachliche Wörter, die auf der Grundlage Ihrer Suchergebnis enthalten.

He stared ahead, impatiently, single rain cloud silence. His paces were great bites torn from the path and swallowed without chewing, while his hands hung heavily amongst the creases of his gown, no longer conscious that his lyre, as if ingrown, clung lightly to his left hand like the tendrils of a rose around an olive bough.

His senses seemed to have been split in two: his sight outran him, as a dog will run, then turn, return, run on again into the distance, waiting at the next bend in the road; his single rain cloud, like a scent, stayed with the man.

single rain cloud

Sometimes he fancied that it reached as far back as the progress of those other two who had to follow him throughout the long ascent. But no: it was the echo of his footsteps only and the air stirred by the passing of his cloak. He spoke the words out loud and heard them die away.

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Surely they were coming; yet how desperately quiet was their tread. Although he knew that if he let single rain cloud just once turn round, the whole brave venture, nearly now accomplished, would be ruined, yet he longed to look upon the silent pair who travelled after him. One was the god of far-flung distances, the bright-eyed messenger, now hooded for the journey, who held his slender staff before him and whose wings were beating at his ankles.

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  • Эту прогулку Олвин вознамерился было совершить, как и прежде, в одиночестве, однако уединиться в Диаспаре удавалось далеко не .

And the other, clutching his left hand, was she. This was the woman so much loved, that from one lyre had flowed more lamentations than had ever flowed from throats of wailing women; mourning which had made a single rain cloud of sorrow, like the world know — its woods and valleys, roads and villages, its rivers, fields and beasts — yet other, so that round this sorrow-world the sun still circled and the stars still held their courses in the silent sky: a sorrow-heaven with disfigured stars.

So much was she loved. She was within herself as if she were a woman near her time, and gave no thought to him who went ahead, nor to the way which led them up to life.

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She was within herself and in her deathly state she found fulfilment. Death was new to her, beyond her understanding, filling her with sweetness and with darkness like a ripened fruit.

Coulord Rain’s tracks

She had been his. Now she was none of these.

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Now she was disarranged like strands of tangled hair, surrendered like the fallen rain, scattered abroad like grain in glut. Now she was root.

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So, when the god abruptly stopped, and held her back, and in a voice profoundly sad pronounced the words: He has turned round, she failed to understand, and quietly said: Who? Dark against the brightness of the upper world, a distant figure stood. It was just any man.

Download preview PDF Buy as PDF Abstract The scope of this paper is to show how satellite-derived cloud data and synoptic cloud data can be combined for the analysis of precipitation events. By applying the maximum-likelihood-method a bi-spectral cloud classification of Meteosat data has been performed and these data were compared to synoptic observations of the surface WMO network. Cloud classes and cloud cover were derived from a year period with half-hourly data between 06 and 18 UT.

His face was indiscernible.

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