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Create a timeline How to create a timeline in your Paper doc You can add a collaborative timeline to your Paper doc and keep track of deadlines, files, and to-dos in one place. To create a timeline: Click into an empty line in your doc. Click the calendar icon in the menu that appears.

How to create an item in a Paper timeline To add an item to your timeline: Click the column under your desired start date. Add a title and description. Drag the edges of the item to the dating latinoamerica end date, or enter it manually under the title. How to create a milestone in a Paper timeline A milestone represents a key date in your project for example, a deadline date or release date.

It can dating latinoamerica fall on a single date. To create a milestone: Hover above the desired milestone date. Click the flag that appears.

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Add a title. Your edits will automatically save. How to change the timeframe of a Paper timeline You can customize how much time you want your timeline to display. To change the timeframe of your timeline: Hover over your timeline. Click the default timeframe 2 weeks in the upper right corner.

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Choose your desired timeframe from the dropdown menu. Notes about timeframes: You can choose to view your timeline by week, month, quarter, or year The default amount of time for a timeline is 2 weeks You can switch between timeframes and all items and milestones will stay the same How to mark a Paper timeline item as complete To mark a timeline item as complete: Click the item.

Click the check in the upper left corner. The color of the item will appear faded in your timeline. How to delete a Paper dating latinoamerica To delete your timeline: Click the grey border above your timeline.

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Dating latinoamerica the trash icon. How to delete an item in a Paper timeline To delete an item in your timeline: Click the item.

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Click the trash icon in the upper right corner of the detail view window. How to edit a Paper timeline item How to change the color of a timeline item Click the item.

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Click the paint palette was ist besser ww online oder treffen in the upper right corner of the detail view window. Select a color from the pop-up palette.

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How to change the start or end date of a timeline item There are two dating latinoamerica you can change the start or end date of a timeline item. To drag the start or end date: Hover above the left or right side of your timeline item.

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With the black arrow, click and drag to the right or left to your desired date. To manually change the start or end date: Click the item.

Click the start or end date below the title.

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Select your desired date from the pop-up calendar. How to assign a timeline item to someone Click the item. Press Enter. Note: You can assign multiple people to a timeline item, one at a time.

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To assign another person, hover above the icon with the photo or intials dating latinoamerica the first person you invited. Click the Assign icon again. Timeline items can represent bigger projects with multiple stakeholders that may take longer to complete.

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To-dos can represent small, concrete tasks. Will timeline items show up in my Things to do list in Paper? No, timeline items will not show up in your Paper to-do list. Can I edit a Paper timeline from my phone?

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No, currently timelines are read-only on your mobile device. How helpful was dating latinoamerica article? Let us know how we can improve: Thanks for your feedback! Let us know how this article helped: Submit.

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