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Alternatively, it is possible to compensate some amplifiers to output Compensation is always performed between one particular sensor and one particular electronic unit or amplifier and is documented in an adjustment protocol.

Compensation is a purely electronic procedure without any mechanical load being applied. We recommend performing a calibration after a compensation to benefit in full from the high precision of our products.

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FAQ Why do I need a compensation for my sensor and amplifier? Strain gauge sensors have characteristic output and zero-point signals, which are specific to each sensor.

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Therefore, you cannot connect any sensor to an amplifier or indicator and expect to automatically measure a correct value. Compensation ensures that a particular sensor and a particular amplifier or indicator outputs "zero" or a required value in the no-load state and 10 V, 20 mA or the value of celle di carico single point measured physical dimension for the rated load.

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Can I perform celle di carico single point compensation myself? Compensation of a sensor with an amplifier is not rocket science.

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But performing a compensation does require a strain gauge simulator or suitable resistors, a voltage source and a multimeter plus a certain amount of knowledge. We will be happy to provide you with details to enable you to perform your own compensations.

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Why does the tolerance of the compensated dating app kostenlos 2020 chain differ from the tolerance in the data sheet? Compensation is a purely electronic procedure. As a result of the process the tolerances of the test equipment used add to the tolerances of the sensor and amplifier, which are being compensated. During the compensation process no mechanical load is applied to the sensor.

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It therefore makes sense to perform an on-site calibration after installing or a compensation of the sensor. Can I connect my compensated sensor to any other amplifier?

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A compensation always applies solely to one sensor and one amplifier. Of course you can still connect a sensor to any other amplifier, but the amplifier settings will need to be compensated to the sensor in order to display the correct results.

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What is a standardized sensor? Some burster sensors can be supplied with a standardized output signal. This means, that each of these sensors has the same output signal. Hence, they can be replaced easily without having to re-adjust the connected electronics.

When using a standardized sensor all that needs to be done is to set or tare the zero point, which is specific to each sensor.

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