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Aapo Häkkinen

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Aapo Häkkinen

Since then, Burkard has been very busy. Touching base with him exactly one year later, I learn that he has just completed an even more ambitious project for Divine Art, a three-disc SACD goldberg variations single movement containing a representative cross-section of works by Chopin. Other artists, of course, have done likewise in recitals of works by other composers, but such an approach takes on special significance with respect to Chopin.

Bach’s (Epic) Goldberg Variations: An Analysis on Theme \u0026 Variations

Burkard is of the strong opinion that this was not the case—that Chopin has received a bum rap on this particular account—and he sets out to prove his point by programming the works on these three discs chronologically. But there are some overlaps where Chopin worked on a particular piece, such as the Ballade No.

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How do you sort this all out? For example, the Ballade No. Robert Schumann, to whom this work was dedicated, remembered quite well that Chopin played this piece with an end in F Major.

Strongly commended in immaculate sound. Eine Musik, die hin und wieder an Mozart erinnert aber doch ihren ganz eigenen Charakter hat. Eindrucksvoll gestaltet Häkkinen solche Stimmungswechsel von der ausladend orchestralen zur eher kammermusikalisch-intimen Geste. Nie verliert er dabei den Fluss der Musik aus den Augen.

It need hardly be said that this does not label him as a salon composer in the derogatory sense. One already can see this in his mazurkas, those miniatures which kept him busy all his life.

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In these little jewels—small only as regards their dimensions—one can see how Chopin worked and how he is to be understood: as an incomparable master of contrasting characteristics within an unchanging form, a Romantic lyricist who inherited elegance from the French and a fiery temperament from his Polish ancestors. And what immense variety there is in this music!

Contemplation abruptly gives way to a compulsive desire to dance, swiftly followed in turn by a re-creation of the opening mood, as in the Mazurka in G Major, op.

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Or, take the Mazurka in C Major, op. In the posthumously published four Mazurkas of op. The extended middle part is available only in a very few editions. When we look at his manuscripts, we see that Chopin worked very hard on his ideas and had something special in mind.

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Very often he wrote something down, then rejected it and made many corrections, coming up with a completely different version, or, curiously, sometimes coming back to first version. We also know that he started work on the Preludes, op.

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The cell is goldberg variations single movement a coffin with a high dusty vaulted roof. A small window, before which grow orange trees, palms, cypresses.

WoO 44b Counting the individual variations of the 16 independent variation sets from opp. Countess Josephine von Clary-Aldringen — Some interesting finds come to light from this overall view.

Opposite the window, beneath a filigree rosette in Single potsdam style, stands my camp bed.

Beside it an old empty writing-desk, which can scarcely be used, upon it a goldberg variations single movement candlestick there is such luxury here!

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A stillness—one could scream—it is always silent. In a word, I write to you from a strange place.

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The Berceuse in D flat Major, op. It is wonderful to see the inspired invention with which an ostinato bass figure, comparable to a chaconne, is overlaid with broken chords, fioritura, arabesques, trills, and cascading passages formed and developed as variations, which emerge at first from a dreamlike peace in ever faster coloratura and brilliant iridescence to a virtuosic middle section, only to sink back into that visionary peace when the quaver rhythm blends with the rocking left-hand figure.

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The Barcarolle, op. This is expressed in the thirds and sixths; the dualism of two notes persons is constant; all is for two parts or two souls.

  • In thes its popularity and use had spread all around Europe and all major composers wrote pieces for it.
  • Хотя процесс, происходящий на их глазах, и был совершенно естественным, было не слишком-то приятно наблюдать разумное по всей видимости существо, бьющееся в агонии.
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In this modulation in C sharp Major dolce sfogato leute kennenlernen papenburg, there is surely kiss and embrace!

That much is clear! Really sensational!

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  • His statement is not a direct reference to Johann Sebastian Bach —though of course he places Bach in the highest echelon.
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  • Nevertheless, the legend contains a grain of truth.
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  • Häkkinen has a knack of articulating imitative points in a sinewy manner, and a rhythmic subtlety that allows minute distinctions to tell expressively.

The Polonaise-Fantaisie, op. It cannot in fact be considered a true polonaise.

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It is far more of a fantasia, whose unusual form corresponds to that of a symphonic poem or a large-scale symphonic work. Its musical program is more that of a ballade than that of a dance. It is legitimate to ask whether this late work of Chopin deserves to have its sustained air of inner reflection disturbed by coquettish fancies.

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