International hall large single studio, On overview of all student accommodation

international hall large single studio

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The images are a contemporary expression of stereo still photography and show large format prints in anaglyph. For further information please visit: sebastiancramer.

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We provided the full production, including cameras, lighting, international hall large single studio, motion control, studio and crew. The film shows a deadly fight between two mantis, living in an a cozy doll house apartment. An own 3D projection theatre was setup at the Villa Stuck for this exhibition.

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The stereo rig was used to generate two identical views for the masking channel and the live action. Agency : P. The filming took place on a cotton farm in India.

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Crops and insects down to a size of a few millimeters were shot in a small improvised studio setup on the farm, while wider scenes were filmed directly in the fields.

The macro scenes will appear as a 3D projection within the VR experience. The exhibition featured 20 large format stereo images from different projects, including portraits, plants and spaces. The film follows the evolution on his work over three decades and features the collaboration with composer John Cage and artist Robert Rauschenberg.

international hall large single studio

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