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Removed in Gen 2 Starting with Gen 2 only one major feature was removed, so this section will be pretty quick. Walking with Pikachu Brought back in Gen 4 though, and vastly improved Verdict: Justified Reasoning: Walking with Pikachu was really just a gimmick to market the anime.

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The Generation 3 games still had an internal clock Hence why Umbreon and Espeon can still evolve and the berries can grow. Was either a time constraint issue or laziness.

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Removed in Gen 5 Haha, this is a bit awkward. Generation 5 is my absolute favorite Generation, but it's actually the gen where they started to unjustifiably remove features en masse.

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Walking with Pokemon Verdict: Unjustified Reasoning: People like to say that the reason for this features disappearance was how long it would take to create all the sprites. As well as this, around 40 Gen 5 Pokemon already have overworld sprites sourceso in reality only around more sets would need to be created.

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For Gamefreak, this would be no issue. A counter argument I see from people a lot is that it would take too much time because they themselves have tried creating sprites in the past and have experience.

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But what you need to beste partnervermittlung im internet is that Gamefreak are a rich Japanese company and hire professionals who create sprites for a living. HeartGold and SoulSilver did, and regardless of how hard and seemingly divisive it seems it be, it was something. But in an extremely rare occurrence, I agree in this instance. Secret Single vs taken gym meme are a great feature that can add many hours of more game time for those who like distractions like this.

This is a removal that takes away hours of Game time. Seasonal Music made an appearance however. That being said, Generation 6 has no such equivalent, so this doubles as an early unjustifiable removal for Gen 6.

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Running Shoes toggle Verdict: Unjustified Reasoning: Not even a difficult feature to implement, could easily have been added to the corner of the Gen 5 bottom screen, as there is plenty of space.

Removed in Gen 6 Generation 6 is easily my least favourite generation. Difficulty Options Verdict: Inexcusably Unjustified Reasoning: Difficulty options may have been unlocked through dubious methods in BW2, but that is absolutely no need to remove them completely.

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Regardless of if you personally used them or not, the inclusion of difficulty options is ONLY ever a positive thing. It makes the games more accessible to a wider audience, as there are more choices on how hard you want the game to be.

It's not like that's a new thing that was only enforced recently. The target audience was kids back in the days of Red and Green, and its kids now.

So why have the game's gotten progressively easier? Does Gamefreak single vs taken gym meme that kids have gotten stupider over the years? Admittedly ORAS does have the most out of the 3 pairs of 3DS games we currently have, but a lot of it feels low effort and lazy. Like a lot of the upcoming points on this list, this exclusion feels like laziness and nothing else.

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Also like the above topic, this was another feature from Emerald that Gamefreak neglected to transfer into ORAS for reasons unknown other than laziness. The music changing when the Leader is on their final Pokemon is pretty cool, and it helps that the track itself is really good. There are literally no drawbacks to this feature after all, and it was universally liked. As well as this, two more are simply in caves Seriously, what?!

Lavere's Tree and Prism Tower. By giving them their own music of course!

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Like they did in the previous game on inferior hardware… The unique gym music was one of my favourite parts of BW2, and again, the only reason for its removal seems to be laziness on Gamefreaks end. It's as simple as creating an item called the GBA sounds and putting all the old music tracks in. The whole concept of this is that it's a bustling shopping mall that you create, and it fits right in inside Unova where commercialisation and greed are a huge theme.

While it has a few differences, it's close enough, and besides it's not like Phenomena is the only method of encountering rare Pokemon.

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Removed in Gen 7 Even though I think what we have of Generation 7 so far is a little better than Gen 6, it single vs taken gym meme removed a large amount of features with mostly no justification. That said, even though I dislike Gen 6 immensely, I liked many of the features single vs taken gym meme introduced, and infuriatingly many of those good features are ones that get removed unjustifiably. In-game National Dex Verdict: Inexcusably unjustified Reasoning: This features removal is absolutely one of the most inexcusable on this whole list.

It's been a staple feature of the series since Ruby and Sapphire RBY obviously don't count being the first games, Johto had the "new Pokedex" which had all the mons, but in a different order.

Pokebank has a Pokedex, but it's inferior to an in game one. First of all, Pokebank requires a paid subscription, despite the feature previously being free. And yes, I do have a single vs taken gym meme myself. The second main issue is that you need to close your game and enter a completely different app just to view the entirety of the monsters in said game, which is inconvenient and frankly, stupid.

You shouldn't have to go into a separate app to view something as basic as your monster encyclopedia. Not to mention, Pokebank requires internet. The 3DS is a portable system, meaning I'm likely to be playing it on the Bus or whether.

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This excuse is silly, because nothing forces you to complete the National Dex after finishing the Regional dex.

Besides, it's not is if the absence of the National Dex suddenly makes those Pokemon not exist. You can still encounter non-Alolan Pokemon online, through the Battle Tree and through the Island Scan feature, so even new or casual fans will quickly come to realise there are more Pokemon than they were lead to believe.

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Dex-Nav Verdict: Unjustified Reasoning: This is easily one of the more confusing and frankly infuriating removals. And it's not like the idea of a machine that searches for Pokemon inherently belongs in Hoenn or anything, it could have easily been implemented into the Rotom dex. Which by single vs taken gym meme way, is one of the worst parts of Sun and Moon. Now back to your scheduled programming.

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