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Wendl, M. Thüringen, Erfurt.

Find beneath the wall of a house built on the temple ruined by Khuenaten, and probably therefore about dating hall pottery marks age : alabaster cup and lid ; small round- top tablet dating hall pottery marks sandstone ; carved chair leg; carnelian earring, style of XVTIIth dynasty; alabaster plug; blue painted pottery, XVIIIth dynasty; two pieces of pottery of XVIIIth dynasty, with signs incised XXIX, 23, 42and two false-necked vases, like XXIX, 1, but broken.

False-necked vase, XXIX, 1, taken out by myself from the coffin of Res; one of a group of tombs which I date to the time of Seti by the objects found in them. Besides these evidences at Gurob, the general evidence of the nature of the Egyptian pottery debars our dating the town or signs found later than the XlXth dynasty.

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The absolute chronology given by the rings and scarabs found has been detailed before, and. XIV, 18—20 found in boxes buried with babies dating hall pottery marks marked pottery XXVIII, 42, 95 found in a hole in the floor of a room: marked pottery 21 found with spoon and plain scarab of Xllth dynasty; marked pottery 39, 53, found with glazed ware of Xllth dynasty; and a lot of objects found with papyrus of the Middle Kingdom, a sotep handle IX, 15grain scoop 11hoe blade 3hoe handle, rake 14axe?

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Fragments of a large dating hall pottery marks of papyri have been brought home by Mr. Petrie, from the Xllth dynasty town of Kahun ; and some are sufficiently complete to be intelligible without much study.

The hieratic of the Middle Kingdom admitted the use of vertical columns as freely as of the horizontal lines which alone were used in later times. The most complete and satisfactory series is that which was first found, consisting of six sheets all in fair preser- vation, and all apparently relating to the same persons.

The hill is a site of constant activity, with a steady stream of the faithful trekking toward the vihear, shrines and fortunetellers on top, and a constellation of vendors, visitors and motodups at the bottom. Elephant rides are also available. The legend of the founding of Wat Phnom is tied to the beginnings of Phnom Penh.

First in importance is a large sheet with hardly a sign missing, endorsement. All my property in the garden and in the town?

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A copy of this was deposited as a document in the hall of the second reporter of the king in the year 44, Payni, day Settlement made by the sub-priest of Sepdu, lord of the east, Uah. I make a settlement to my wife, [ a woman of the eastern side of the Nile? She may give it I to any whom she pleases of her children whom she shall?

Also I give to her the servants A milthree persons which my brother the Sahu, the peh ab of the architect, Sekhemren, gave to me.

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Possibly the later document is also in the nature of a will.

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