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Renée Zellweger’s Lost Decade

is renee zellweger dating anyone

As she heads inside for more supplies—bottles of turmeric juice, tea, and more fancy water—a young dude a couple of tables away leans over. They are earnest in the extreme and seem not the least bit starstruck, which makes me think they have no idea who she is—just some nice lady in Capri tights and running shoes with a voluminous scarf draped around her neck.

is renee zellweger dating anyone

It was important, that time. Or maybe the Bridget Jones movies of the early aughts, which further solidified her image as a relatable Everywoman but which also turned her into tabloid prey right at the moment when newsstands began to look like Warhol installations, giant checkerboards of the same woman on the cover of every magazine, from Us and InTouch to Vogue and Elle.

Who could look away from a star gaining and losing weight for a role in plain sight?

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Zellweger dated rock stars and movie stars and was a genuinely fascinating creature of that last great Hollywood moment before it all became one big smelly sweat sock of adolescent-boy entertainment.

Zellweger, perhaps, experienced the highs and the lows as acutely as anyone. And then, inafter a series of duds and ill-conceived roles, she is renee zellweger dating anyone off the merry-go-round—stopped making movies, wearing daring dresses to premieres, doing big interviews.

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She briefly came out of hiding in to attend the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards, and the press focused almost entirely on what the internet presumed was plastic surgery that had rendered her unfamiliar looking. This month, the film Zellweger has chosen for a proper comeback, Judy as in Garland—a biopiccomes out. Stepping back, Zellweger says, was crucial.

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I was the last thing on my list of priorities. Registrieren Sie sich, um mehr zu lesen.

is renee zellweger dating anyone

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