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The Philippine National Police Highway Patrol Group moves in on Monday to help manage traffic at choke points on the perennially congested belt highway.

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The congestion comes amid tumbling fuel prices, record sales of vehicles and growing populations of Metro Manila and of nearby cities and towns. In recent months, traffic jams on Edsa and other main roads have worsened, causing massive inconvenience to commuters even past rush hour.

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The task was previously handled by unarmed MMDA personnel. The commute is longer by 45 minutes compared to Taking the same route just after 5 p.

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The commute was so punishing that an executive of a telecommunications firm in Makati was forced recently to rent a condominium unit in the city where he could stay on weekdays for the sake of his health and sanity.

His trip to the office now takes just 20 minutes. Those without the means to rent a condo have to get up early and endure the productivity-busting traffic congestion by taking the Metro Rail Transit 3 that often conks mmda edsa single passenger.

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Traffic congestion is taking a toll on the economy and commuters. Economic losses due to the congestion in Metro Manila was estimated at P2. Low-income households have to spend an average of 20 percent of their monthly income for transport, the study said. The losses do not include the impact of pollution from motor vehicles on the health of residents of the metropolis.

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Edsa and other major thoroughfares will also be cleared of any obstructions and illegal vending activities, he said. To further help ease traffic flow, the Department of Public Works and Highways DPWH will conduct road engineering to identify the type of vehicles that could pass certain roads.

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Under the scheme, buses bound for southern Luzon will use alternate roads to skip Edsa to get to the expressway. The rerouting scheme will be enforced from 6 a. The HPG spokesman, Supt. Oliver Tanseco, said the unit was accepting the challenge.

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Originally, the HPG planned to deploy just 96 officers, but Tanseco said the unit increased the deployment to after a recent assessment. We saw that there are many entry and exit points at the choke points, so we added more policemen. The public can expect to mmda edsa single passenger the policemen in their patrol cars and on motorcycles, doing their job as early partner übers internet kennenlernen 5 a.

Tolentino said the first batch of 60 officers were taught fundamentals of traffic management, traffic direction, control and supervision, traffic law enforcement, basics of road safety, traffic-accident investigation, road-incident management, traffic engineering, and administrative rules and regulations.

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The police personnel were also briefed on new Metro Manila Council regulations, bus regulations, single ticketing system and traffic adjudication procedures. On the last day of training, the HPG members, working in groups, identified problems and possible solutions to the traffic challenges.

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Tolentino said motorists, who would have complaints on the apprehension process, could file mmda edsa single passenger in the MMDA adjudication board. Christine O. Brizuela and Julie M.

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