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single pole bode plot

September - gebunden - Seiten Beschreibung This book is part of a three-book series for the sequence of electric power electives taught in most large universities' Electrical Engineering departments. Advances in hybrid-electric cars and alternative energy systems, coupled with the severe environmental problems associated with hydrocarbon-based fuels, are driving renewed interest in the electric energy systems EES curriculum at the Undergraduate level.

These texts are based on the integrated curriculum developed over nearly 15 years of research in education in this field. This textbook focuses on Power Electronics as one of the topics in an integrated Electric Energy Systems curriculum.

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It follows a top-down, systems-level approach to highlight interrelationships between the sub-fields within this curriculum, and is intended to cover both the fundamentals and practical design in a single-semester course. The author follows a building-block approach to power electronics that provides an in-depth discussion single pole bode plot several important topics that often omitted from conventional courses, for example, designing feedback control, power-factor-correction circuits, soft-switching, and Space-Vector PWM.

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