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dating hardy perfect reels

Zur Wunschliste hinzufügen When speaking of Laurel and Hardy's first feature film Pardon Us, Stan Laurel described it as "a three-story building on a one-story base"-in other words, a 2-reeler stretched and bloated into 6 reels. Much the same could be said of Blake Edwards's Blind Date, though one wonders if Stan Laurel could have even gotten two reels out of its wafer-thin premise.

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At the outset, yuppie Bruce Willis is warned not to let his blind date, southern belle Kim Basinger, drink anything stronger than lemonade. So what does Willis do the first chance he gets? That's right, kids; he plies poor Basinger with champagne.

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And then he wonders why his life rapidly goes to hell in a hand basket. In his first starring movie role, Bruce Willis manages to find all sorts of nuances in his one-note role, while Kim Basinger is very funny when she's blotto-at least, for the first five minutes or so.

John Laroquette costars as a character straight out of a s bedroom farce; he's also pretty good, even though his dialogue is numbingly unamusing.

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Blake Edwards is famous for his ability to make a lot out of a little Weitere Informationen.

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