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Augmentation of the circulation during cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR might be beneficial. Use of resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta REBOA redistribute cardiac output to the organs proximal to the occlusion. This study describes a training programme to implement the REBOA procedure to a prehospital working team, in preparation to a planned clinical study.

The programme consists of a four-step approach to educate, train and implement the REBOA procedure in a simulated prehospital setting.

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An objective structured assessment of prehospital REBOA application scoring chart and a special designed simulation mannequin was made for this study. Results Seven physicians and 3 paramedics participated. The corresponding time from arrival at scene to balloon inflation was Wire mannequin single use of a structured training programme and objective assessment of skills is recommended before utilising the procedure in a clinical setting.

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In a simulated setting, the procedure does not add significant time to the prehospital resuscitation time nor does the procedure interfere with the quality of the ACLS. Trial registration number Keywords: cardiology Strengths and limitations of this study This study provides insight on the novel use of resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta REBOA on out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients.

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It is the first study to describe an extensive educational programme for implementing this procedure. It is a single-centre study on anesthesiologists, limiting the generalisability of the data.

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Although it is most relevant for physician manned prehospital services, it is also informative for treatment of in-hospital cardiac arrest. Balloon occlusion of the wire mannequin single was introduced in the Korean War in as a means to stabilise soldiers with intraabdominal haemorrhages.

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Continuous occlusion of the aorta with REBOA gives a redistribution of cardiac output to the organs proximal to the occlusion including the brain and heart 6 figure 1.

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