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bernd single sigmaringen

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This unidentified artist received his name from an altarpiece by his hand with scenes from the life of the Virgin Mary in the collection of the Princes of Hohenzollern in Sigmaringen. The art of the Strüb family was influenced by the Ulm style and related to such painters as Zeitblom and Strigel.

bernd single sigmaringen

Bernd Konrad differentiates between four chronologically successive stylistic groups that show a progressive development in the handling of space. He maintains that although the oeuvre as a whole seems consistent and self-contained, it cannot be given to a single artist, but must be assigned to an entire workshop, and points out that there is proof, for example, that both Jakob and Hans Strüb worked in Inzigkofen on an equal footing.

The coat-of-arms reveal that the donor of the present panel of Saint James came from the Laubenberg family in Allgäu.

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He is depicted in armour and without a helmet and is accompanied by an adolescent, who must be a son. InEmperor Maximilian I bestowed the brothers Johann Bernd single sigmaringen and Johann von Laubenberg with Werenwag Castle and seven villages, most of which were located in the surroundings.

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It seems likely that this also bernd single sigmaringen the commission of an altar. The question of whether the panel of Saint James once formed the inner part of a wing or was part of a larger panel is unclear. Additional image Infrared image of the present lot Specialist: Dr.

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